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Services offered by Build Angle Career Maker

The comprehensive service packages at Build Angle Career Maker (BACM) are highly cost effective and suitable to the diverse academic interests of students. With the backup of resourceful personnel and powerful infrastructure, Build Angle Career Maker (BACM) offers you the best possible study package in concurrence with your needs, both financial and curriculum-wise.


BACM assists you in scheduling the required tests, Filing application forms, scheduling the tests, giving the probable list of universities where the scores can be reported etc. Build Angle Career Maker provides imported study materials, CDs and computer-based tests to ensure that you get good scores.

Country/University and Course Selection

Taking into consideration your academic strengths and weaknesses, financial capabilities, subjects of interest and future, Build Angle Career Maker will help you in identifying the right course in the right college/university.

Application Processing

Assistance in preparing the application file and required documents such as transcripts, letter of recommendations, essays (Statement of Purpose) etc. is given on the basis of a successful strategy to maximize the chance of admissions.

Follow-up and Securing Admission

We do the necessary follow-up and secure admissions in the shortest possible time. BACM’s success rate in admissions is 100%.

Visa Guidance

Build Angle Career Maker provides the guidance in preparing your visa application and necessary documentation enabling you to put in conclusive proof in terms of establishing your academic genuineness, financial stability and roots back to India.

Bank Loan and Travel Arrangements (Value Added Services)

BACM assists you with educational loans, foreign exchange formalities and even travel plans. We will coordinate airport-pick up and temporary accommodations, if required.

Pre –departure preparation and orientation

Build Angle Career Maker also holds very informative and intensive Pre-Departure orientations that prepares the students to face the initial cultural transition problems they face on arrival.

Most of the students who travel abroad for higher studies have never travelled overseas. Most of them rely on friends and associates to assist them on arrival. The new environment can be daunting, and students lose confidence after a few false starts.

Our team prepares students for success by holding workshops on the following:

  • Personality development
  • Soft skills training
  • The do’s and don’ts of studying in India and abroad
  • Résumé preparation and interview skills (that are necessary for applying for part time and full-time jobs)
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Immigration and post-study work permit regulations.

Quality Policy

  • We at Build Angle Career Maker are committed to satisfy our students by providing excellent service in the field of education. We do this by carrying out research, consultancy and training to fulfill the needs and expectation of students, business and society at large.
  • We aim to do this with a high degree of social sensitivity through innovation.
  • Upgrading of our skills and provide quick response to their queries.
  • Nurturing of talent, building a learning environment and developing linkages with universities and institutes for maximum benefit of the student.
  • Improvement of course curriculum through educational research and dialogue with business enterprises characterized by significance, relevance, excellence and vigor.
  • Reviewing of institutional processes by involvement of faculties, students and staff using information technology support to reach maximum of our students and train them.
  • We ensure all this by setting quality objectives and continual improvement in our services.
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